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mikrochirurgische Refertilisierung

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Operation by an exceptional specialist in microsurgery





Professional focus:

Andrology - Microsurgery - Genital Surgery - Sterilization - Refertilization

Center of excellence for urological microsurgery and vasectomy reversal



J. Ullrich Schwarzer MD 

Prof. of Andrology and Urology, Technische Universität München

Andrologie Centrum München

Lortzingstr. 26 D-81241 München- Germany

Tel: 0049 - 89 - 820 811 00, Fax 0049 - 89 - 820 811 01

E-mail: acm (at)

Prof. Schwarzer has specialized in vasectomy reversal for 35 years. He has personally performed refertilization operations in 3.000 patients with excellent outcomes concerning patency and pregnancy rates. These results were widely published in international journals and books.


If you want to register for the operation, please do so via email sending a phone number for callback.

Alternatively you can call the number 0049-89-820 811 00.



More details about vasectomy reversal are given below:


Surgical technique

Refertilisation is a minimally invasive operation to reverse a vasectomy or to treat a postinfectious obstruction of the seminal duct. In both cases the use of an operating microscope is indispensable. The surgical approach includes two lateral scrotal incisions to expose both spermatic cords. The operative strategy is aimed at performing an end-to-end-vasovasostomy whenever possible. If sperm outflow from the epididymal stump of the vas is blocked, which is mainly the case after long obstruction intervals, an end-to-side anastomosis between vas and epididymis is performed, which is called tubulovasostomy. Both techniques are carried out using a microsurgical three-layer-technique. The surgeon’s qualification to realize the necessity of tubulovasostomy is an indispensable prerequisite in any case of vasectomy reversal. The wound is closed with self absorbable sutures and dressed using a compressive bandage for one day.


Perioperative course

In the afternoon before surgery a preliminary consultation and a physical examination should be done. At the day of surgery the fasting patient may shave his pubic hair.

He has to come to the operation center at eight o’ clock and will talk to the anesthesiologist.

The surgical procedure is performed under general anesthesia on an outpatient basis.

The average operation time is two hours.

The complication rate of the surgery is low, scrotal hematoma is most likely to occur (risk 0.5%).

The patient can leave the surgical center in the afternoon of the day of surgery. An accompanying person must pick him up. He is not allowed to drive a car, he may not actively participate in traffic and he must be under control of an accompanying person for one night. This means that he can return home in the afternoon of the day of surgery if the presence of an accompanying person is ensured.




The results are very good, even many years after sterilization. Depending on the obstructive interval, spermatozoa can be found in the semen of 70-95% of operated patients. In up to 70% of cases, depending on the age and the gynecological condition of the partner, spontaneous pregnancy will occur in the first two years after the operation. 



The price for the operation is € 3.400,-, including general anesthesia and preliminary examinations.

For the night before surgery a hotel in any price range can be arranged by the operative center.
More information about the surgical procedure and the organizational process can be received via email: 

acm (at)


If you want to register for the operation you should do so via email sending a phone number for callback: 

acm (at)

Alternatively you can call the number 0049-8161-22122


vasectomy reversal with 1300 patients - Int J Androl 2012

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